Richard Wilson On The Road is a six part series based on the Shell Travel Guides which were handy glove compartment guides first published in the 1930s and covered nearly all the counties in the UK.


Richard Wilson takes a driving tour around six counties (Derbyshire, Durham, Dorset, Essex, Devon and Oxfordshire) in his vintage Daimler, which he has christened “Deborah”.


Using the recommendations in the guide, Richard explores and revisits some of the places, attractions and buildings listed to see how the county has changed in the years since the guides were written.


In each county, Richard’s journey takes him to some magnificent scenery, interesting landmarks and historical locations. Always keen to get involved, Richard tries local delicacies, goes behind the scenes of country houses and explores towns, villages, countryside and coast. Richard’s driving skills are put to the test on his travels - whether it’s navigating around narrow country lanes or fighting his way through town traffic jams!