Salvage Hunter Drew Pritchard has made his name buying and selling antiques but now he’s gone into the classic game along with Paul Cowland, a car dealer with two decades of experience.


Drew brings a passion for cars and his unique eye to the table as he appraises the design, engineering and historical importance of the cars - in much the same ways as he does with antiques. 

Paul brings 25 years of automotive know how, technical knowledge and expertise in car dealing.  So, although Drew chooses the cars and decides what he wants to do with them, it’s Paul who has to be voice of reason and make the numbers add up. 


Their search for the perfect classic cars takes them to some weird and wonderful locations where they meet passionate and characterful enthusiasts. As they restore the cars to Drew's exacting standards they enlist some of Britain’s finest automotive artisans and craftsmen.


Will they make their new venture a roaring success?